Effects of a plant-based fatty acid supplement and powdered fruit, vegetable and berry juice concentrate on omega-3 indices and serum micronutrient concentrations in healthy subjects

Dams S, Holasek S, Tsiountsioura M, Edelsbrunner M, Dietz P, Koefeler H, Malliga DE, Gürbüz A, Meier-Allard N, Poncza B, Lackner S, Schwarzenberger E, Jansenberger Y, Lamprecht M; Feb. 2020


The primary aim of this study was to test the bioavailability of different doses of an encapsulated plant based fatty acid supplement, as assessed by changes in omega-3-index (O3I) concentrations. A secondary objective of the study was to assess if ingesting the fatty acid supplement in combination with a fruit, vegetable, and berry juice powder concentrate affected micronutrient levels. A third objective was to examine some aspects related to the safe consumption of the products.


In this randomized, controlled, open-label, parallel-grouped trial, 68 participants were divided into a control group and three treatment groups. Subjects in the treatment groups took either 2 capsules of the fatty acid supplement (Juice Plus+®; providing approximately 0.5 grams of omega-3), 4 capsules of the fatty acid supplement (Juice Plus+®; providing about 1 gram of omega-3) or 2 capsules of the fatty acid supplement plus 2 capsules each of an encapsulated fruit, vegetable, and berry juice powder concentrate (FVB; Juice Plus+®) daily. Blood samples were taken at baseline, 8 weeks, and 16 weeks.  


The plant based fatty acid significantly raised O3I, DHA and EPA at 8 weeks compared to control and further increased them at 16 weeks. The 1gram omega dose yielded higher values than the 0.5-gram dose, indicating 4 capsules daily had a greater effect on O3I than 2 capsules. The FVB supplement significantly raised levels of vitamin C compared to all 3 other groups, and vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol and gamma-tocopherol) was significantly higher in the FVB group compared to control and the group taking 2 capsules of the omega supplement.  

The FVB supplement further significantly increased levels of lutein, zeaxanthin and lycopene compared to all 3 other groups. Key biomarkers of liver, kidney and thyroid function remained unchanged in all groups.


“Our intervention demonstrated that the vegan omega supplement observed in the study had a significant positive effect on the O3I and associated fatty acids after only 8 weeks. The simultaneous intake with an FVB juice concentrate led also to an increase of several vitamins and carotenoids. Both supplements can be regarded as safe because liver, kidney, and thyroid markers, as well as blood lipids remained unchanged throughout the study.”

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