Research Opportunities


Juice Plus+ Science Institute is committed to advancing the science of plant-based nutrition. We are particularly focused on exploring the health benefits of fruit and vegetable consumption and alternative whole-food-based nutraceutical supplementation.

All research should be independent and conducted by qualified researchers at universities, clinics, hospitals, or other respected research entities.

Potential Research Topics

Types of studies

Randomized controlled trials (RCTs)

RCTs study the effects of a treatment or intervention by allocating subjects, by chance, into experimental groups or a control group. Almost all recent and anticipated JPSI studies are RCTs.

Cohort analysis/observational studies

Public health approaches may require long-term commitments. We weigh the potential for cohort observations based on the hypotheses posed and resources required to undertake them.

Systematic reviews and meta-analysis

Systematic reviews and meta-analysis are highly favored. They provide robust information on a research question and advance our knowledge by summarizing all empirical evidence that fits pre-specified eligibility criteria.

Pilot studies

These small human test studies serve as proofs of concept for larger, more comprehensive RCTs. They allow us to explore hypotheses based on biological rationale before committing more resources to a certain topic.

In vitro studies

These studies allow us to test the effects of a certain substance on specific cells/tissues. They also permit simpler and more convenient analysis when an in vivo test is not possible.

Research criteria

Research investigator and site
Study subjects
Future research must:
Future research must not:

Grant Proposal and Award Process

Step 1

If you are interested in collaborating with the Juice Plus Science Institute on a research project and/or conducting research with Juice Plus products, please submit a letter of interest outlining the key research questions and hypotheses. Submit your letter of interest via email to
Applicants can expect a response within one month of submission.

Step 2

If JPSI sees potential in your research ideas/hypotheses, we will ask you to submit a full proposal for competitive review. We currently have two grant cycles per year. Deadlines for proposals are March 31 and September 30.

A proposal should include the following information:

You can expect a response within 90 days from your application date. In the event that we decline your letter of interest or proposal, you may modify your ideas based on our feedback and resubmit.


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