Effects of Fruit and Vegetable-Based Nutraceutical on Cognitive Function in a Healthy Population: Placebo-Controlled, Double-Blind, and Randomized Clinical Trial

Carrillo JÁ, Arcusa R, Zafrilla MP, Marhuenda J; Jan. 2021


There is scientific evidence of the positive effect of polyphenols from plant foods on cognition, but not enough is known about the synergistic effect when multiple polyphenols are consumed and even less in a healthy non-elderly population.


The aim of the present study is to investigate the possible effects of improvements in cognitive function in healthy people as a preparation based on micronized fruit and vegetables consumed.


One hundred and eight subjects were selected, stratified by sex in the control intervention group (n = 53) and placebo (n = 55). Volunteers completed the study after two 16-week periods of consumption with a 4-week wash period between each phase. At the beginning and the end of each phase, volunteers performed the Stroop, TESEN, and RIST tests for the measurement of different cognitive function patterns.


The results revealed statistically significant differences in all the variables of the tests carried out, especially compared with the placebo. Specially, the results obtained in the Stroop and TESEN test, in addition to the processing speed even with semantic interferences, were markedly better after the treatment with the product under study. Moreover, the consumption of the product under study clearly improves short-term memory, verbal and non-verbal, according to the results obtained in the RIST test. The results showed an improvement in executive function in terms of short-term memory, working memory, selective and sustained attention, and speed of processing.

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