Perioperative supplementation with a fruit and vegetable juice powder concentrate and postsurgical morbidity: A double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled clinical trial

Gorecki P, Burke DL, Chapple ILC, Hemming K, Saund D, Pearson D, Stahl W, Lello R, Dietrich T; Aug. 2017


The aim of this study was to evaluate whether taking an encapsulated fruit and vegetable juice powder concentrate (FV) prior to molar surgery could improve patients’ quality of life and morbidity (pain and trismus, also known as lockjaw).


This double-blind, placebo-controlled trial recruited 238 adults, aged 18 to 65, who were scheduled to have their lower third molars (wisdom teeth) removed. They were randomized to take either 4 capsules of the fruit and vegetable juice powder concentrate (Juice Plus+®) per day or 4 placebo capsules for 10 weeks prior to surgery and 1 week afterwards. In the first week after surgery, study participants kept a diary recording their pain levels and how much painkiller they took. Researchers examined their surgical wounds 2 days and 1 week after surgery. They also measured how wide patients could open their mouths before surgery, 2 days after surgery, and 1 week after surgery. Patients’ quality of life was calculated by considering ease of eating and speaking, sensation, appearance, pain, sickness, and interference with everyday activities.


A total of 183 patients (the intent-to-treat population) received surgery and returned for review. After adjusting for age, BMI, gender, race, and smoking status, those taking FV experienced a significantly higher post-operative quality of life compared to those taking placebo. Two days after surgery, they were able to open their mouths 3.7 mm wider compared to placebo (p<0.05); however, this difference decreased to 1.9 mm after 1 week, which was no longer statistically significant. Those in the FV group were less likely to rate their pain as moderate or severe the 2nd day after surgery and experienced less pain in the week following surgery. Both of these results were statistically significant.  


In conclusion, perioperative supplementation with a commercially available fruit and vegetable pulp and juice powder concentrate may reduce postoperative morbidity and improve QoL during recovery after lower third molar surgery.

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